Cosmos | Full Moon in Sagittarius

Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius inspires us to zoom out + look at the big picture. Strong Gemini energy is also buzzing around (the sun is in Gemini) - keeping us present + reminding us every small step must work toward our big dream.  

Gemini is logical + comfortable in the present – while Sagittarius inspires us to venture beyond it. All signs have strengths + weaknesses - the best of Gemini is intelligent + communicative – the shadow of Gemini is small-minded + stagnant.

The key this month is learning to harness the light in both Gemini + Sagittarian energies – to think big + boundlessly (Sagittarius), uninhibited by fear but also logically + with the understanding every big leap requires many, thoughtful little steps (Gemini).

While this Full Moon is about attitude + disposition, it’s also about communication + how to productively speak your truth. Sagittarian energy helps us identify our big picture goals + beliefs, while Gemini helps us communicate our truth in a methodical way.

The last major theme of this lunar cycle is adventure. Sagittarius reminds us to broaden our horizons + explore. Once we’re in touch with our big beliefs, we may channel logical Gemini + set our dreams into realistic action.

In the same way the Full Moon illuminates the night sky, her energy brings everything to the surface. Embrace this clarity + ask questions about how you’ve been navigating through life. Call on Sagittarian + Gemini energy as needed. The universe supports us in our journey toward our best self + best life xx


Theme: Open your eyes + see beyond your comfort zone

How: Meditate + connect to your deepest, soul-knowing voice. Ask yourself: what big beliefs or ways of life are important to you? Is your life in alignment with this soul-knowing voice? Allow yourself to daydream + fantasize about what your truest life could look like, without fear. Practice free-writing in your journal + see what comes out.
Treat Yourself:  An earthy, meditative candle to inspire quiet moments with your inner voice. A beautiful journal to inspire free-writing. A daring lip tint or cheek stain, to support bold energy outside of your comfort zone.

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