Cosmos | New Moon In Cancer

Tonight's New Moon in Cancer marks the beginning of our new lunar cycle. It’s a powerful time to commit to personal goals in alignment with positive Cancerian energies.
Among these qualities are: honoring our deepest, most intimate feelings; recognizing the security + safety we feel from wherever we call home; allowing ourselves to accept support + offering support to others; starting a project to improve our domestic lives.
The Cancer Sun’s positioning with Mercury indicates a very busy time mentally. Thinking AND communication is strong – with so much on our minds, we want to chat + are able to express ourselves clearly.
With Mercury in Cancer, we move from the desire for quantity to the need for quality in terms of the information we are attracted to. We think, speak, and take in information on a deeper, more intuitive level. This is an emotionally rich period + our sensitivity strengthens our psychic awareness.
All in all, make plans + lay the foundation for big (or little) new beginnings. Focus on new ways to enhance family + home life + build up your feelings of security + safety. We are particularly alert and observant right now + ready to put our plans in action.  Remember “home” doesn’t need to be considered in the most literal sense of the word. This moon asks us to define “home” for ourselves – perhaps it’s the beach or the yoga mat or more traditionally, the place you sleep at night.
This New Moon is also particularly creative + magical as it occurs at the same time as two powerful trines: Venus trine Pluto + Mars trine Neptune. All in all, this potent Cancer energy inspires + supports us in making important life changes that will benefit us well beyond this lunar cycle.
Theme: Nourish your home life  (+ define home for yourself)
How: Ask yourself where you feel most safe or secure, most connected + at peace. Explore ways to deepen  + celebrate this connection.
Treat yourself: Honor your space + indulge in home improvements. New loving touches to revere your safe place in the world. It’s also a great time to gift a loved one + express gratitude for the people who make us feel at home.

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