Cosmos | Full Moon in Pisces

Last month’s Leo Solar Eclipse helped us reset + plant new seeds for the future. It left a strong impression on our energetic body + we’ll be feeling its effects for the next several months. Tonight's Full Moon in Pisces is our first “harvest” point.

This Moon leads us away from Leo’s fiery light + into the cooler, Piscean depths of our subconscious. She guides us inward to understand where life is trying to lead us. We gain a deeper understanding of what we’ve chosen to plant in our garden.

Pisces has an intuitive, creative + dreamy energy. This Moon helps us understand our true goals + illuminates what is really guiding our lives. The work is in re-aligning intentions + motivations with the highest calling of our souls, so we may bloom to our fullest potential.

As the Pisces Moon brings insight into our deepest thoughts + feelings, she inspires a release of psychic energy. This is a powerful time for an active energy cleanse – clear the stuck or lingering energy you no longer want to carry. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces brings a sense of completion + with our active participation, this Moon inspires a needed endpoint - whether it be a relationship with another, an aspect of your relationship to self, a job, or simply, a way of being.


Theme: Empower yourself to mindfully plant your new garden.

How: These energies are available to us, but integrating them into our life requires active participation. We need to slow down + connect to self. Meditation, quiet walks + journaling are all powerful ways to quiet the mind + let this energy flow through + work her magic.

Treat yourself: Lavender infused soaking salts to send you into deep relaxation + meditation. A beautiful + earthy scented candle to help clear lingering energy. Lunar infused essential water sprays to amplify positive vibes.