Cosmos | New Moon in Leo

Sunday’s New Moon in Leo has a potentially confusing energy – on one hand it inspires us to seek the joy, beauty + pleasure in life + on the other hand, it asks us to take responsibility for our actions. Approach life in the coming weeks with curiosity, instead of judgment + discover what feels good to you. We’re asked to relax into the flow of our lives – which is not to be mistaken as a passive effort - as we are also asked to take complete ownership + responsibility for how we are choosing to live + what we say “Yes” or “No” to.

Remember, your soul came to earth at this time for a specific reason - we all chose to be here + learn the lessons that are currently unfolding. The universe supports us in our journey toward our truest self + while everything in life happens for a reason, we must allow the universe to work her magic by listening to our intuition + making that tough decision that deep down, we know is right. The universe has a beautiful plan for each of us, but we must lean into the flow of our lives to experience it.
If there is something in your life you need to let go of or need to bring in, deeply think about how you can take responsibility for all of it + what actions to take to get your life where it needs to be. A good question to ask over this New Moon is – How can I take responsibility for myself + my life + where I want to be?


Theme: Where do I want to be + how can I take responsibility for myself + my life to get there?
How: Get quiet + listen to your intuition. Everything you need to know is inside of you, you just need to listen. Once you feel connected to your Higher Self, set your intentions + map out HOW you can work toward making your dreams come true.

Treat yourself: Palo Santo to clear stagnant energy in your physical space. Incense to quiet the mind’s chatter. Moon Angel Cards to communicate with your spirit guides + allow them to ask thought provoking questions.


Cosmos | Full Moon in Capricorn

Today we have a Full Moon, where the Cancer Sun opposes this month’s Capricorn Moon. This opposition asks us to look at the balance between our inner world + home life (Cancer) versus our public life + responsibilities (Capricorn). The energy of this cycle helps us uncover + understand our intimate feelings + how they externalize + either give or take away our power.
The Cancer Sun is focused on family, home, nourishment + ancestral patterns…

while the Capricorn Moon asks us to consider our sense of duty + responsibility out in the world.  Painful family issues or patterns may come to the surface + Capricorn inspires us to challenge our deep-set inner wiring. This Full Moon asks us to empower ourselves + take greater responsibility over our emotional world + tendencies. Cancer represents the origin + Capricorn represents the goal.  We need both energies + this Full Moon invites us to discover a harmonious balance between the two.

This Moon illuminates a conflict between roots + direction. Something has been building inside of us + now is the time when the cosmos demand we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for each of us. In the same way the Moon lights the night sky, a symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives.  These revelations are emotional + there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. We need to let it out + express ourselves.

Another powerful layer to this Moon comes from her alignment with Pluto – the planet of death + rebirth.   This energy may feel sharp, change is painful, but it ultimately helps us release that which we no longer need. The beauty of “let go + let God” Pluto is that you already know what or who needs to be released; and, the challenge is that now is the time to do what you already know you need to do (but have probably been putting off). The Cardinal (means action oriented) signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra + Aries are particularly strong right now. This helps you kick into high gear.


Theme: Look deeply into yourself – there’s much more than meets the eye – and ask: am I living bravely + authentically for me or am I living for how I think I’m supposed to be?

How: Strengthen personal boundaries + honor your most intimate feelings.  Keep these discoveries in mind while navigating the delicate shores of your relationships to people + work.

Treat yourself: An earthy, romantic candle to celebrate quiet moments alone as you delve deep into yourself. A thought provoking book to ignite your journey of self discovery. A journal to write down feelings + insights.