Cosmos | New Moon In Gemini

Today’s New Moon in Gemini is a potent Super New Moon - it’s the closest the moon will be to earth all year. With a second Super New Moon coming in June, things may feel intense over the coming weeks with a double hit of strong lunar energy.
The Moon is associated with our inner world – our deepest emotions. It has a way of bringing our subconscious to the surface. While challenging, this also opens the gates to profound change.
This New Moon falls in Gemini, our thought driven sign. The Moon always speaks to our intuition + innermost voices – and with Gemini’s energy - we are focused on our thoughts + how we have been communicating to ourselves, each other + the world. This moon is here to teach us our thoughts don’t really belong to us. Imagine your thoughts as a stream washing over you – and the thoughts we gravitate towards are the ones in alignment with the vibrations we are emitting.
Practice being the observer of your thoughts + remember not to identify with them. Our ability to think is a powerful tool + helps us make wise, informed choices – but we are not our thoughts. Practice deep grounding + centering – connect to your body + let your intuition be louder than your head.
The universe gives us a challenge to teach this lesson. Venus’ relationship to Pluto this month triggers annoying situations in love + finances. Control issues may arise in existing relationships. Tension may come to the surface + result in manipulative behavior. At the root of such behavior is deep fear or insecurity about not feeling loved or valued. Ask yourself – are these feelings rooted in truth + how do I liberate myself? Do I need to step away from this situation or do I need to adjust my relationship towards it?  
The universe will support us in this transformation - the Sun’s relationship to the Moon this month gives us an invigorating burst of energy + initiative. As we question old habits, we naturally search for new ways to make progress + move into our future.
We all have the ability to empower ourselves + choose how we experience our flow of life. We all have the power to choose the thoughts we listen to. Mother Moon is giving us an opportunity to reprogram the way we think – or the relationship we have to our thoughts. And when we master our thoughts, we will be able to master our life.
This New Moon:
Theme: Let your heart + gut speak louder than your head.

How: Connect to your physical body + practice listening to it. Yoga (or any mind/body exercise) is a powerful tool. Meditation to quiet the mind’s chatter + connect to intuition.

Treat Yourself:  Rainbow Fluorite, a grounding crystal to help quiet the mind’s chatter. Luxurious, earthy scrubs + oils – to pamper + connect with your body.


Cosmos | Full Moon In Scorpio

Today’s full Moon in Scorpio is aptly nicknamed the “Flower Moon” – with April showers (literally + figuratively) bringing “May flowers”.

The Moon represents our innermost needs – with this month’s moon in Scorpio, we crave deep, intimate connections. We need to feel known, heard + seen. But before we can truly be seen by another, we must connect with ourselves.

Support comes from the Moon's positioning with Pluto - encouraging us to journey into the depths of our own psyche. We may feel a little vulnerable + insecure, due to a challenging Mars positioning. But the universe offers support with the Full Moon trine Neptune + intuition is high. Trust your inner voice.

Work on connecting to self - make sure your goals are clear + yours. Sometimes our ambitions come from complicated dynamics with others or a desire to be valued. Be mindful not to give your power away in the pursuit of love + appreciation. The Moon trine Chiron offers support in healing these difficult parts of our psyche + clearing inner voices that are not our own.

Mercury + Uranus are in a high frequency aspect – pushing us further into a long-standing wake up call. Flashes of deep knowing stimulate the desire to break free of patterns no longer serving us.

Juno conjunct Pluto speaks to the power of commitment. What would it take to commit to your own vision + stand up for what you truly believe in? How can you change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself +/or others in order to live your truth. The opportunity is there, but you have to take the first step. Deep down, you know what is right for you. Trust yourself.

This full moon:

Theme: Connect to self + get clear with your personal goals.

How: Quiet moments alone (walking, journaling, meditating).

Treat yourself: Beautiful, earthy scents to foster self love. Crystals to support energy + meditation.


Lily Muse | Meet: Jordan

When choosing our models, we look for women with an innate sense of style to bring life to our clothes. We love seeing women WEAR our clothes, not the other way around. Jordan's laid back, confidence in her own-skin is  a part what drew us to her. We love her comfortable energy + warmth...


SEE - Define your personal style in 3 adjectives:

70's tom boyish

HEAR - A sound you love + why?

"You're So Good To Me" by The Beach Boys - because it makes me happy.

TASTE - A favorite to cook right now?

Salad. Lettuce and vegetables from my garden. So crisp and fresh!

SMELL - Your favorite scent + why?

Diptyque candles - Philosykos Eau De - Fig leaves and wood, white cedar...

TOUCH What is your skincare routine?

I always wash morning and night with a white wash cloth to clean skin, and sometimes with the foaming wash from Glossier.

INTUITION Do you have an activity or practice, that’s only purpose is to bring light to your life?

Going to the ocean is meditation in itself. Yoga is a must for me a few times a week, I also love tarot cards and practice regularly at home and making collage art on chill nights in.



A note from Lily... I live in a state of perpetual inspiration - my creative wheels are always turning. I could design forever.

But while I'm a dreamer, I'm also a realist... and while I love things, I'm also a minimalist...

These contradicting qualities in my personality drive me crazy, but they're also my gift... because before I green-light a new style for production, I make sure it's beautiful, yes, but also useful. A forever-to-keep wardrobe essential.  

I made this film to show the versatility of my Gia Slip + the beauty of "Lived in Style". I hope you enjoy it + feel inspired to #LIVEinLILY.

GIA by LILY ASHWELL from lily ashwell on Vimeo.

Q+A | Lily Ashwell on "Lived in Style"

Can you describe what you mean by "Lived in Style"?
To me, true style has nothing to do with trends + everything to do with a woman being true to herself, living her life + owning her look. I love clothes, but I'm much more interested in people + how they live their lives. "Lived in Style" is my inspiration + rule of thumb as a designer, because it's all about style becoming a part of life.

Can you give me a couple examples?
The most instantly relatable image that comes to mind is a perfect pair of vintage Levis. You can throw them on in the morning + style them endlessly throughout the day to fit your needs. I always say, "day to night, season to season". And of course a classic bias-cut slip dress - our Gia. That's why I chose Gia for the film - I wanted to show her versatility.