A note from Lily... I live in a state of perpetual inspiration - my creative wheels are always turning. I could design forever.

But while I'm a dreamer, I'm also a realist... and while I love things, I'm also a minimalist...

These contradicting qualities in my personality drive me crazy, but they're also my gift... because before I green-light a new style for production, I make sure it's beautiful, yes, but also useful. A forever-to-keep wardrobe essential.  

I made this film to show the versatility of my Gia Slip + the beauty of "Lived in Style". I hope you enjoy it + feel inspired to #LIVEinLILY.

GIA by LILY ASHWELL from lily ashwell on Vimeo.

Q+A | Lily Ashwell on "Lived in Style"

Can you describe what you mean by "Lived in Style"?
To me, true style has nothing to do with trends + everything to do with a woman being true to herself, living her life + owning her look. I love clothes, but I'm much more interested in people + how they live their lives. "Lived in Style" is my inspiration + rule of thumb as a designer, because it's all about style becoming a part of life.

Can you give me a couple examples?
The most instantly relatable image that comes to mind is a perfect pair of vintage Levis. You can throw them on in the morning + style them endlessly throughout the day to fit your needs. I always say, "day to night, season to season". And of course a classic bias-cut slip dress - our Gia. That's why I chose Gia for the film - I wanted to show her versatility.


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