Cosmos | New Moon In Taurus

A New Moon marks the beginning + end of the 28 day lunar cycle. We are energized + inspired to make a fresh start + turn a new leaf.
The April 26, 2017 New Moon in Taurus will be very transformative. Taurus energy supports us in making important changes. Connect to self through simple + physical pleasures – it’s time to understand what makes us feel at peace + brings out our best self.
Emotional challenges will come from the Moon’s alignment with two nasty stars, Hamal + Schedir, both associated with the dark side of human nature.
The influence of these stars is amplified + felt by all; everyone has their shadows. As always, the universe has your back + the planets are aligned to bring stunning insights + understanding, leading to positive transformation.
Mercury conjunct Uranus, will support higher awareness of your personal shadows. Your brain is stimulated, so this is a great time for creative expression. Increased open-mindedness + intuition makes it easier to grasp abstract concepts. The things you discover will surprise you.
Mercury trine Saturn provides disciplined thinking + concentration. It makes the aforementioned abstract concepts tangible + easy to apply in real life. This is a good new moon for making important decisions + having serious discussions.
Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic; you will remain calm, planning every step methodically. This is also a good time for experimentation + creative self-expression.
Revealing your inner demons will disempower them + liberate you. Accepting your shadows will lead to a rapid + positive transformation… relieving you of guilt + fear.

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