Cosmos | New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow we not only have a New Moon in Leo, but a full Solar Eclipse. As always, the New Moon offers an energetic clean state - a powerful time to set intentions - but with the eclipse, this opportunity is on steroids.
Astrology studies how the planets relate to each other, the energies these relationships create + their effect on us. Sun conjunct Moon (solar eclipse) is the strongest, most important aspect in all astrology.
Think about what physically occurs during a Solar Eclipse – the Sun (which represents the masculine, our outer identity + ego) goes dark behind the Moon (which represents the feminine, our inner-world + the mysteries beneath the surface). When the ego light (Sun) goes away, we see the mysterious truth behind it.
This eclipse is a powerful shift of perception when the Moon (soul) blocks the Sun (ego) – mentally + spiritually, it’s an invitation to set ego aside + look at life with soul at the forefront. If we take the time + space to meditate on this energy, we’re given a different perspective on who we are + why we’re here on Earth.
Because the August 7th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius (Aquarius is about the collective + group consciousness) + we now have a Leo New Moon, we build on that Aquarian energy with Leo qualities. We’re asked to bring our power, leadership, gifts + visions (Leo) to the world (Aquarius).  
Leo rules the Heart + this eclipse opens the Lion’s heart. As the feminine Moon blocks the masculine Sun, we’re reminded of our collective need to heal our masculine – meaning shift how we show up in the world, balance what’s out of balance + become more heart-centered. We are also reminded of our Leo-based shadow qualities (arrogance, self-importance, the need to be right) + asked to release these soul traps.
Lastly, this is also a time for collective growth…especially in the US where this Solar Eclipse is taking place. In a year of “The Patriarchy Gone Wild”, we have cosmic synchronicity at its finest. A sign from the cosmos for the divine feminine to rise…a Women's March on the solar system.

Theme: When the Moon (soul) blocks the Sun (ego) – mentally + spiritually, it’s an invitation to set ego aside + look at life with soul at the forefront.  Emboldened with Leo energy, we are proud to show up authentically + heart-centered for ourselves, our community + our world.
How: We need to be clear + present to identify + learn from these energies. It’s a good time for body/mind/spirit care – whatever that means to you.  Take plenty of time alone to meditate on everything that is coming up, cooking + shifting – this kind of revolutionary change is a mindful practice.
Treat Yourself: Beautiful, earthy scents to foster self love. Crystals to support energy + meditation.


Cosmos | Full Moon in Aquarius

It's quite literally written in the stars, that  August 2017 looks remarkably intense. With Mercury's upcoming retrograde + two eclipses - this month feels shaky, metamorphic + perhaps life altering.
Our first eclipse is Monday August 7th, when the Moon is full in Aquarius - Aquarius being a sign that most accurately exemplifies the need for change + transformation. Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, highlighting realizations + culminations in the world of 5 senses. However, an eclipse always doubles the intensity (and we have two eclipses this month, lunar + solar). Eclipses tend to shake up the status quo + bring significant developments about major life events; they push boundaries + spur major personal growth.

This transformational energy goes hand in hand with Aquarius' reputation as the social agitator of the zodiac. The forward thinking water bearer is a perfect vessel for this powerful metamorphosis - in a way, Aquarius is to eclipses as a conductor is to electricity.

With Aquarian energy, whatever surfaces this Full Moon, will be about our need to: be true to ourselves, stand apart from everyone else + rebalance unequal power dynamics that surround us. It's time to take back our power + make sure we are in the driver's seat of our own narrative.

The energy percolating in the cosmos + in turn us, is a gateway to our intellectual, emotional + social emancipation. We're asked to cross this final threshold, which separates us from freedom + our rightful community of likeminded individuals. Other people's perceptions + opinions don't matter as we make these changes - our own empowerment + emancipation as individuals seeking a community that understands us on a spiritual + mental level is most important. Because, in that community, we will always find the freedom, support + love we deserve + through it, we are able to give it all back to the world at large.

It's time to take risks, find our way out of the ruts that keep us stuck + muster the courage to stay true to ourselves. Don't turn your back to the beautiful, purposefully chaotic upheavals manifesting under this full moon.


Theme: Emotions will be intense - but let them rise to the surface (don't resist). Be brave + release feelings, thoughts, habits, relationships you no longer need.

How: Through practices like meditation + yoga, we learn to separate our "true selves" from our conditioned "human form". It's only our human form that is fearful, self conscious + stuck in dysfunctional patterns. Dedicate some time to any practice that quiets the mind + get to know your truest, eternal self (call it soul, gut, intuition, whatever you want). Hear + listen to it above all else - it will be your guide + never lead you astray. This connection to yourself will be the faith you need to move gracefully through challenging waters.

Treat yourself: A grounding crystal to help quiet the mind’s chatter. Luxurious, earthy scrubs + oils – to pamper + connect with your body.