Cosmos | New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow we not only have a New Moon in Leo, but a full Solar Eclipse. As always, the New Moon offers an energetic clean state - a powerful time to set intentions - but with the eclipse, this opportunity is on steroids.
Astrology studies how the planets relate to each other, the energies these relationships create + their effect on us. Sun conjunct Moon (solar eclipse) is the strongest, most important aspect in all astrology.
Think about what physically occurs during a Solar Eclipse – the Sun (which represents the masculine, our outer identity + ego) goes dark behind the Moon (which represents the feminine, our inner-world + the mysteries beneath the surface). When the ego light (Sun) goes away, we see the mysterious truth behind it.
This eclipse is a powerful shift of perception when the Moon (soul) blocks the Sun (ego) – mentally + spiritually, it’s an invitation to set ego aside + look at life with soul at the forefront. If we take the time + space to meditate on this energy, we’re given a different perspective on who we are + why we’re here on Earth.
Because the August 7th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius (Aquarius is about the collective + group consciousness) + we now have a Leo New Moon, we build on that Aquarian energy with Leo qualities. We’re asked to bring our power, leadership, gifts + visions (Leo) to the world (Aquarius).  
Leo rules the Heart + this eclipse opens the Lion’s heart. As the feminine Moon blocks the masculine Sun, we’re reminded of our collective need to heal our masculine – meaning shift how we show up in the world, balance what’s out of balance + become more heart-centered. We are also reminded of our Leo-based shadow qualities (arrogance, self-importance, the need to be right) + asked to release these soul traps.
Lastly, this is also a time for collective growth…especially in the US where this Solar Eclipse is taking place. In a year of “The Patriarchy Gone Wild”, we have cosmic synchronicity at its finest. A sign from the cosmos for the divine feminine to rise…a Women's March on the solar system.

Theme: When the Moon (soul) blocks the Sun (ego) – mentally + spiritually, it’s an invitation to set ego aside + look at life with soul at the forefront.  Emboldened with Leo energy, we are proud to show up authentically + heart-centered for ourselves, our community + our world.
How: We need to be clear + present to identify + learn from these energies. It’s a good time for body/mind/spirit care – whatever that means to you.  Take plenty of time alone to meditate on everything that is coming up, cooking + shifting – this kind of revolutionary change is a mindful practice.
Treat Yourself: Beautiful, earthy scents to foster self love. Crystals to support energy + meditation.


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