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Tulum is one of my favorite beach getaways. Every April, when I get that first taste of Spring in LA, I start craving Tulum's warm water + powder beaches. Luckily, my birthday is April 10th, so a visit to the Riviera Maya has become my little birthday ritual.

This year was extra special, it was my 30th - so my nearest + dearest joined me for an idyllic few days. I kept a photo diary of my girlfriends + I as we vacationed in pieces from my collection. In true #LIVEinLILY fashion, our outfits perfectly transitioned from a day at the beach to night at the wine bar.


SEE - Define the aesthetic style of Tulum in 3 adjectives:

Romantic, Beachy, Jungle-chic
HEAR - Favorite sound of Tulum + why? (a song, an instrument, a sound in nature)

I love to hear the parrots chirping. Tulum's landscape is special - it's where the jungle meets the sea. So I love sitting on the beach, with the Jungle behind me + hearing the exotic birds sing.
TASTE - Favorite restaurant in Tulum?

Hartwood is my all time favorite - it's a farm to table restaurant nestled in the Jungle. Everything is cooked over open fire + the taste is fresh + primal.
SMELL - Your favorite scent + why (perfume, flower, anything)

I love the perfumes of Coqui Coqui. Their scents are made in the neighboring city of Merida. My favorite is their coconut perfume, it captures the romantic beach energy perfectly.
TOUCH – What is your skincare routine while on vacation?

I'm fair skinned, so I need a powerful sunscreen. I love MD Solar Sciences - it's protective + made with safe ingredients. I always pack a good exfoliant when I'm going to be in the sun - my favorite is the Ginger Body Scrub by Living Libations. And I also like a nourishing moisturizer - organic coconut oil is great for travel because it's multi-purpose… I put it all over my face, body + hair.
INTUITION – This type of vacation is all about reconnecting with yourself. Do you have an activity or practice, that’s only purpose is to bring light to your life? (meditation, astrology, exercise, arts etc)

I grew up on the beach, so salty air, and ocean breeze + sand between my toes brings me back to myself. Simply floating in the sea is my favorite form of meditation.

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