Cosmos | New Moon In Gemini

Today’s New Moon in Gemini is a potent Super New Moon - it’s the closest the moon will be to earth all year. With a second Super New Moon coming in June, things may feel intense over the coming weeks with a double hit of strong lunar energy.
The Moon is associated with our inner world – our deepest emotions. It has a way of bringing our subconscious to the surface. While challenging, this also opens the gates to profound change.
This New Moon falls in Gemini, our thought driven sign. The Moon always speaks to our intuition + innermost voices – and with Gemini’s energy - we are focused on our thoughts + how we have been communicating to ourselves, each other + the world. This moon is here to teach us our thoughts don’t really belong to us. Imagine your thoughts as a stream washing over you – and the thoughts we gravitate towards are the ones in alignment with the vibrations we are emitting.
Practice being the observer of your thoughts + remember not to identify with them. Our ability to think is a powerful tool + helps us make wise, informed choices – but we are not our thoughts. Practice deep grounding + centering – connect to your body + let your intuition be louder than your head.
The universe gives us a challenge to teach this lesson. Venus’ relationship to Pluto this month triggers annoying situations in love + finances. Control issues may arise in existing relationships. Tension may come to the surface + result in manipulative behavior. At the root of such behavior is deep fear or insecurity about not feeling loved or valued. Ask yourself – are these feelings rooted in truth + how do I liberate myself? Do I need to step away from this situation or do I need to adjust my relationship towards it?  
The universe will support us in this transformation - the Sun’s relationship to the Moon this month gives us an invigorating burst of energy + initiative. As we question old habits, we naturally search for new ways to make progress + move into our future.
We all have the ability to empower ourselves + choose how we experience our flow of life. We all have the power to choose the thoughts we listen to. Mother Moon is giving us an opportunity to reprogram the way we think – or the relationship we have to our thoughts. And when we master our thoughts, we will be able to master our life.
This New Moon:
Theme: Let your heart + gut speak louder than your head.

How: Connect to your physical body + practice listening to it. Yoga (or any mind/body exercise) is a powerful tool. Meditation to quiet the mind’s chatter + connect to intuition.

Treat Yourself:  Rainbow Fluorite, a grounding crystal to help quiet the mind’s chatter. Luxurious, earthy scrubs + oils – to pamper + connect with your body.

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