Lily Muse | Meet: Madde

She’s our shop girl extraordinaire - Madde has been holding down the fort as the Manager at our Rose Ave. shop since day one. Her passion for all things Lily Ashwell + making ladies look + feel their best is undeniable. We love her + if you’ve ever stopped in the shop we’re sure you’ve fallen in love too. If not, go say hi! xx


Madde, short for Madelyn

Profession and/or passion?

Shop gal

Favorite flea market find?

Pink cowboy boots I found in Wyoming.

What do you look for in vintage denim?

I look for variety in vintage - I like the super soft faded pairs with lots of wear + also the darker gems that are still perfectly intact despite their age. When shopping for myself I tend to avoid jeans I have to tailor - I like them to be perfect length and fit, that’s what sells me. That’s why shopping for Lily is so fun, I get to bend my rules for all types of gals.


SEE - Define your personal style in 3 adjectives:

Laidback, frisky

HEAR - A sound you love + why? (a song, an instrument, a sound in nature)

Music comes to mind, and wind. I love driving with the windows down + some good tunes.

TASTE - A favorite to cook right now?


SMELL - Your favorite scent + why (perfume, flower, anything)


TOUCH – What is your skincare routine?

I wash once or twice a day, for sure at night + am currently using Living Libations Sun Dew Crème – it’s a creamy yellow color and the black glass jar it comes in is really nice. I also mask once or twice a week because I like rituals + so does my skin.

INTUITION Do you have an activity or practice, that’s only purpose is to bring light to your life? (meditation, astrology, exercise, arts etc.)

I love a hot bath with soaking salts + oils, maybe with some music or a book ( + a glass of wine).


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