fall 2013

the fall collection is about to launch, so i think its fitting to make the first blog post about my design process for the collection. there is so much love that goes into creating a new collection and most people only ever see the end result.  i feel inspired to start sharing the journey with anyone who wants to listen/watch/feel!
i always keep a journal and i've included various clippings from my fall 2013 design diaries.
here's a kind of manifesto i wrote while conceptualizing the collection:
  (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) a narrative from my scrapbook, setting the scene for the collection

 (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) a spread from my scrapbook showing inspiration for fall2013 knits

i also spent some time obsessing over old dustbowl images and sissy spacek in coal miners daugher...


  1. Lily,

    Your design process is so interesting! I especially love the narrative; it really captures the coziness of fall clothing. I can't wait to see the fall collection. When will it be up on your site? I ordered a lot of items from your sale. I can't wait to receive them and style them for the fall!


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  3. A while ago when your mum had a show on TV, I remember her talking about how she would write you notes and you would file them away in a stuffed animal. I feel like they were bits and pieces of your mum's journal specifically for you and wondered what they said. Now i get to read some of your journaling. very cool. And, thank you. Terry from Pennsylvania

  4. I really like the way you explained your design process!
    And, as I'm going to marry next may, I hope to see a bridal collection soon! ; )
    Nicole from Lovely Idea

  5. Lily, this post was such a joy to read! I loved taking a peek inside your inspiration scrapbook. It's something I've also done for years (mind you, mine has become less quaint like yours and more Microsoft Office. Damn you, practicality!!). Keep up the blogging! PS, I wrote a post of my own about your work a while back on my blog; http://livelovehome.blogspot.ie/ hope you have a look!

  6. Thank you for your beautiful clothes....a joy to look at. A few months ago I saw the French film "The Well Diggers Daughter" and was so captivated by the beauty of the film and the clothing they wore. I started a search for something similar and looked for days until I happened on your site. I was wondering if you had seen the film? I dream of someday owning a dress or two of yours. Such beauty and simplicity. Thank you.
    Candace Partain